The Best Panoramic Views Of Singapore

If you hate squeezing with crowds of tourists atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, all angling for the same photo of the Singapore skyline, here are a few places where you can view the cityscape with some peace and quiet.


The sky garden on the 47th floor of Skyville@Dawson
The sky garden on the 47th floor of Skyville@Dawson

For a truly hidden spot, with virtually nobody around you during weekdays, check out the sky garden on the 47th floor of Skyville@Dawson. Can you believe this sleek 3-tower development is public housing in Singapore? Hence the general public can enjoy the sky gardens along with the residents here. The sky garden joins all 3 towers together at the top and offers expansive views of the surroundings. Spot the antenna tower at Bukit Timah Hill, The Reflections at Keppel Bay and the ocean beyond Keppel Bay.

The geometric arches that form the shelters on the sky garden provide a great photo opportunity, with the pillars providing that clean lines aesthetic. At the same time, the shelters also allow one to sit down and enjoy the cooling breeze that comes with being that high up. There are also more community gardens on other floors where residents can gather, but none provide the same stunning, panoramic view as the sky garden on the 47th floor. For photography enthusiasts, do explore the building further as there are hidden corners where you can capture some amazing architectural symmetry shots. 

Henderson Waves

Herderson Waves - the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore
Herderson Waves – the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore

The pedestrian bridge that links Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park is a sight to behold, as it is known for its remarkable, wave-like structure that reforms into access ramps, benches and shelters. Being the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, the bridge provides panoramic views of the central business district skyline, the harbour and the Southern Islands of Singapore. The urban cityscape contrasts perfectly with the surrounding canopy of trees. Due to the bridge being accessible after a walk through either park, there are usually not many people around during weekdays, giving one some serenity in the midst of nature. The lights embedded throughout the ridges of the bridge provides a golden hue during the evening.

If you’re paying a visit, definitely take a stroll through both the Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park as both contain walking trails that show off a rich variety of flora and fauna.


Pinnacle @ Duxton
Pinnacle @ Duxton

Another public housing estate located in the heart of the central business district, you are situated right in front of the urban city skyline. On one side, you can see the shophouses with their orange rooftops resembling sushi blocks, contrasted with the sleek, modern buildings in the central business district. The other side has views of the ports along Tanjong Pagar, extending out into the sea. The best time to visit is a little before sunset, so you can explore the rooftop when there’s daylight, catch a magnificent sunset and enjoy the night views! Although the building is public housing, access to the rooftop for non-residents costs $6 – worth it for the amazing view and the lack of crowds! 

The management limits the number of visitors per day to be 200, so rest assured there definitely wouldn’t be throngs of people fighting for space with you there. That said, this also means that the later you go, the greater the chance that the maximum quota of 200 has already been met. If you would like to catch the sunset here, it’s best to plan your visit on a weekday instead of weekends and public holidays.