Good Karma Can Taste Good Too

It’s funny how often we try and find excuses to do something good. Giving back has always been an option. Well, we just ran out of excuses. Indian Spicebox – the viral phenomenon that swept Asia a few years ago – has a social initiative that’s just too tasty to ignore.

Indian food has a spicy reputation – tough to cook and equally tough to palate for some, and very often, delegated to the takeaway counter. Truth be told, it’s not that tough to cook and when done right, it’s regarded as the tastiest cuisine in the world. For Namitha Mehra, it wasn’t enough to take this taste to the world. She wanted to give something back.

Beautifully curated and packaged, Indian Spicebox is that just that – in one neat package, they’ve made it easier for you to prepare simple and delicious Indian food at home that’s great for the family, perfect to impress someone special, and fun for entertaining. Inspired by the traditional stainless steel masala box, this travel-sized package contains 4 organic spices and 4 recipe cards that you can use to become an overnight expert in Indian cuisine.

But here’s the kicker – every product they sell feeds 10 underprivileged kids in India as part of ISKCON’s midday meal programme.

If that’s not incentive enough for you to buy this now, we don’t know what else is. Head on over to the Indian SpiceBox page and read up on their social impact, come back here to our Bazaar and buy one today.

It’s never too late to start giving back.

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