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The Best Blind Date Ever

True, it’s an age-old myth that love happens at first sight. It rarely does. More often that not, it involves a lot of badgering – however subtle – before one can even utter the hallowed phrase, “I love you.” And when it comes to books, it’s even more so. The Novel Encounter aims to please in this regard.

A book, whose title you don’t know, is presented to you wrapped in a brown envelope, wax-sealed, and all you know about the book is a one-sentence summary. Would you buy it? Of course you would. Anyone would. Curiosity is the one thing that all of us share, and if you’re a book lover, you don’t need more than one sentence to pique that.

Started by Adam Tie and Charlotte Lim, The Novel Encounter is one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets.

With the goal of helping people rekindle their love for reading physical books, Adam’s goal was to appeal to people’s sense of adventure when buying books. Too many choices spoil the purchase experiences, gives a buyer too many escapes. But when the book is wrapped in a mystery, it invariably becomes irresistible. And for a book lover, it’s rarely, if ever, a gamble.

Head on over to our Bazaar and check out the collection of books at The Novel Encounter store, and go on an adventure today.

This may yet turn out to be your best blind date ever.

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